Directions and Parking

Seattle Aquarium building at Pier 59


The Seattle Aquarium is located on Pier 59, at the center of Seattle's historic central waterfront.

1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
Seattle, WA 98101-2015

King County Transit with Seattle Aquarium conservation messaging billboard

Public transportation

The Seattle Aquarium encourages visitors to consider climate-friendly choices for your next visit. Metro Transit offers many bus routes to take you within a 15-minute walk of the Aquarium. Visit King County's website to plan your trip on public transportation.

Two hours of free parking—Only at the Pike Place Market Parking Garage

Valid for daytime admission only.


Enter from Western Avenue Only

To receive a voucher for two hours of free parking, you must ensure you are parking in the correct garage. Valid during our daytime operating hours only.

Please read the information below carefully.

The Seattle Aquarium and other waterfront businesses are not responsible for parking fees if you park in a location other than the Pike Place Market Garage.

The Seattle Historic Waterfront Association is currently offering two free hours of parking at the Pike Place Market Garage when you visit a participating waterfront location, including the Seattle Aquarium!

How it works:

  • Step 1: Get a parking voucher. As you enter the Aquarium, ask for a parking voucher from Guest Services at the admissions desk
  • Step 2: Redeem your voucher. When exiting the garage, insert the garage entry ticket into the indicated slot, then follow it with the voucher in the same slot.

The Pike Place Market Garage offers over 800 parking stalls with accessible parking and an elevator to the waterfront.

Please note:

  • Vouchers are good for up to two hours of free parking; if more than two hours is owed, the difference can be paid via credit/debit card using the same slot.
  • The Seattle Aquarium is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  • Must be visiting the Seattle Aquarium in order to receive a free parking voucher from the Aquarium.

Pike Place Market Garage Entrances

Vouchers are valid only at the Pike Place Market Garage (entrances below). Vouchers are not accepted at other garages/locations.

Please note: The Alaskan Way entrance to the Pike Place Market Garage is currently closed. Please enter from Western Avenue.

1531 Western Avenue entrance

Entrance to the Pike Place Market Garage at 1531 Western Avenue in Seattle

Entrance located on the west side of Western Avenue, below Pike Place Market and between Fix Madore and Lazonga Tattoo. Follow the signs for the waterfront elevator and stairs.

1901 Western Avenue entrance

Entrance to the Pike Place Market Garage at 1901 Western Ave in Seattle

Entrance located on the west side of Western Avenue, about 100 yards uphill from/north of the 1531 Western Avenue entrance. You can walk down or take an elevator to reach the waterfront.

Check your ticket to ensure you parked at the correct garage

Please double-check your ticket! Free parking vouchers are valid only at the Pike Place Market Garage. 

Parking ticket for the Pike Place Market Parking Garage

Correct ticket

Pike Place Market Garage tickets:

  • Are white
  • Say "Public Market Center/Pike Place Market"
  • Have a bar code 
Example of a parking ticket from the Market Place Garage, an incorrect ticket for free parking offer

Example of an incorrect ticket

Tickets from other garages:

  • May be other colors
  • Do not say " Public Market Center/Pike Place Market"
  • May not have a bar code 

Getting to the Aquarium from the Pike Place Market Garage

Take the garage stairs or elevator (located near the center of the garage) to the 2nd floor. Follow signs leading to the pedestrian exit/waterfront. Once you exit the garage, follow the ramped pathway toward the waterfront and then the sidewalk for one block until you reach the crosswalk at Alaskan Way and Union Street. After crossing Alaskan Way, head north one block to the Aquarium’s entrance at Pier 59.

Please note: Ongoing construction may affect this pathway. Follow signs, and be aware of your surroundings.

Illustrated map showing a walking path from the Pike Place Market Garage, south to Union Street, crossing Alaskan Way to the waterfront, and walking north to the Aquarium.

Metered Parking

Limited four-hour metered parking is available along Alaskan Way.

Visit the City of Seattle's paid parking rates page for current rates.